What Do I Do If My Potential Trademark Has Negative Results?
October 5, 2023
Published by: Trademark Prospector

If the results of your trademark research leave you looking for a new trademark, Fear Not! You are not alone. It’s actually very common. Once you are finished crying, (Yes, it is okay to mourn your favorite mark) take a deep breath. You are now embarking on a brand journey. It may be difficult, but, in the end, you will find a mark that you love that has more favorable research results. 

Follow these steps:

#1. Take time to Brainstorm. Do not just pick a new mark, willy-nilly. This is an important business and financial decision. Your mark will help to define your Company and its values for years to come. Give the process the time that it deserves. 

#2. Ask Others. Get input from others. Sometimes the best marks are found that way. 

#3. Tricks of the Trade.  There is a formula to finding a trademark that has a high likelihood of making it through registration. This is a formula followed religiously by the Pharmaceutical Industry – partly due to Pharmaceutical regulations, and partly based on need. This formula has stood the test of time. And once you learn it, you will see it all around you. 

1. Think of a word (or words) that Suggest a Characteristic of your product or service WITHOUT describing it. 

What does this mean?  For example, for a gooey and delicious chocolate brownie, the words “Brownie” and “Chocolate” literally describe the product. We said the product is “gooey,” so, this too, would describe the brownie. 

Now, think of a word that suggests “gooey delicious chocolate brownie” but does not literally include those words. 

How about: “Delectable” “Scrumptious” “Salivate”  “Hungry” “Yummy” 

Now you are on to terms that are Suggestive!  These are good trademark terms (if not already taken!)

2. Create a New Word from that Suggestive Word.  Yes, you heard that right. Back to our Pharmaceutical example, pharmaceutical companies have to think of a drug name that is available worldwide. That is HARD! So, what do they do? They create a new word. It’s hard for someone else to have already used a word that you just made up!


Have You Heard of These?

Simparica TrioLowestraChantix


3. Add an ending.  Add an ending that does not normally go with your word, so as to create a new word. You have seen it everywhere:

-icaSimparica Trio


These are not just fun marks. These major mark owners know how to find a trademarkable term. 

You Can also Get Professional Help

You do not have to do it alone. A marketing firm can assist you with your brand journey.

Once you have some new ideas, Take Advantage of this Offer:

Trademark Prospector offers a knock-out level search on your top 3 – 5 marks.  

Since you now understand that it can be difficult to identify an available trademark that you want to use, you can value this offer. 

Trademark Prospector will do high-level research on your top three – five marks. 

This research is less extensive than the full research and only looks at the registered trademark use of the marks, and similar marks, at a high level.  These results will help you get rid of marks that do not appear available quickly, so as to move on to better choices.

Follow-up Deep Dive:

If any of your top three rise to the top, then you want to order the Full Research on that mark.

Go Find That Mark!

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