Can I Trademark a Product Name?
October 5, 2023
Published by: Trademark Prospector

Product names can be trademarks when they are used repeatedly to identify your business as the producer of that product.

When you go to start a new product line, if you want to use a unique product line name that is not just descriptive of the product, you want to start with trademark research. This is true whether or not you want to pursue a trademark on your product name. Why?

Many people have come before you in your line of trade. You may be newly selling this product or product line, but others have been selling for years before you. This means there is a high likelihood that someone who came before you in a similar line of trade has already thought of and trademarked the product name you want to use.

Unfortunately, the first product name you want to use could be “already taken,” meaning already federally trademarked.

If you start advertising a new product name you love and do not do your research, you may get a cease-and-desist letter from a person who has already registered the trademark. You may have to cease your use, immediately. Well, there goes all of the money, time, thought, and branding you put behind that name you loved but did not research.

Therefore, to find a unique product name, start with trademark research.

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