Trademark Research will help you achieve seamless success, by avoiding losses, in as little as 48 hours

Did you know that some of the Trademarks of Fortune 500 companies are worth more than the companies themselves…?

Major companies won’t do business or file a trademark before doing trademark research so why would you?

  • Major companies have billions of dollars
  • You have your blood sweat and tears
  • You have more to lose
  • So do your research

Major companies know the potential cost and time lossed if they fail to get their trademark filed

Trademark Prospector is bringing it to the small business owner so they can be competitive

  • You cannot do without the service
  • You have not gotten trademark research not because you don’t want it, but because until now you didn’t know you needed it
  • But now you know the importance of it

Choose the right package for your Trademark research

Benefit #1 ($997 value)

Thorough research of the USPTO Database

  • We do a thorough research of the United States Patent and Trademark Office Database
  • Did you know that there are 45 Classes. To protect your trademark, you may need to file in more than one Class. We’ll let you know in which Classes you’ll need to file.
  • Each Class filing is non-refundable so we’ll be sure to let you know the right ones.

Benefit #2 ($497 Value)

Filing your Trademark doesn’t guarantee that you won’t lose your Trademark even if its approved by the USPTO.


After you file, there is a five year window in which a company can challenge you on the following:

  • Proof of use
  • First use
  • Correct Class Filing of the 45 Classes

Benefit #3 ($697 Value)

Google and Social Media trademark Research

  • We check Amazon, Walmart, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram for whether your Mark is being used by others as well as to see if any handles are available or not.
  • We check different industries for your Trademark
  • Did you know that you can federally file a Trademark and within five years if someone else has been using the same mark before you did, they can file a First Use suit against you to have the Trademark filing assigned to them and possibly get you to pay consequences? . This means they get rights to the Trademark and you need to change your whole business, your logo and name on everything, literally everything. No worries, Trademark Prospector gives you a heads up if your Mark is at risk for a First Use suit

Bonus #1 ($697 Value)

Sound-a-like Marks Research

It’s not just your exact Trademark, it’s also Sound-alike marks even if they have different spellings. Make sure your Trademark doesn’t sound like another Mark that’s already being used. It’s not only how your Trademark is spelled, it’s also about how your Trademark sounds.

For instance, if you want to have the Trademark Beer and someone has it so you think you’ll call yours Beyr, you will not get it. The trademark will be considered filed and you won’t get a refund on the filing.

Bonus #2 ($697 Value)


The WORLD INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ORGANIZATION also known as WIPO has all of the Trademarks database filed in the globe.

For instance, there is a giant dental company called Premier Dental in England that’s been around since 1977. You think, “oh that’s great, I’m in New York, I will call my company Premier Dental and make a similar mark.” Well think again, if they decide to move into the US market, you could lose your trademark.

We research this database to give you an evaluation for free.

Why is this the case? There are treaty rights between country when it comes to intellectual property.

Bonus #3 ($497 Value)

Research Guarantee

If you’re trademark is filing is rejected, we will do more research for you at no cost free.

Checkout the benefits and price we offer for you