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Becoming a Trademark Prospector Affiliate comes with Benefits

Benefit #1

  • Standout from the competition
  • Make a long lasting impression on your clients by impacting their business.
  • Did you know some of the largest companies in the world’s logos are worth more than their entire stock of inventory

Benefit #2

  • Repeat business
  • When you advise clients about their trademark and refer them to Trademark Prospector, you will be a figure of authority in their eyes.
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Benefit #3

  • Get paid
  • Trademark Prospector gives Affiliates $100 for every client they refer.
  • We also add bonuses and incentives. So sign up and don’t miss out on the fun

Benefit #4


  • Get concierge support from Trademark Prospector on education and commissions
  • Get all your questions answered regarding how trademark research can serve you and your clients
  • Be in the first to know about awesome business networking events

Benefit #5

Security & Technology

  • Trademark Prospector uses secured servers to store all of your clients information. Their research is secure.
  • All employees are trained on quality assurance and protocols are in place to protect your most valuable personal information and business secrets
  • Top of the line tech is used to password protect your information

Benefit #6

Quality Results with Moneyback Guarantee

  • We’ve streamlined the research process
  • We consistently train our employees
  • If your trademark filing is rejected, we’ll give you new research for free