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Benefit #1

Standout from the competition

Odds are your competition is NOT talking to their clients about their trademarks.

Benefit #2

Enhance Your Reputation

Make a long lasting impression on your clients by looking out for the health of their business

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Earn money for every client that completes a purchase.

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Benefit #4


Get concierge support from Trademark Prospector on education and commissions

Get all your questions answered regarding how trademark research can serve you and your clients

Be in the first to know about awesome business networking events

Benefit #5

Security & Technology

Trademark Prospector uses secured servers to store all of your clients information. Their research is secure.

All employees are trained on quality assurance and protocols are in place to protect your most valuable personal information and business secrets

Top of the line tech is used to password protect your information

Benefit #6

Quality Results with Moneyback Guarantee

We’ve streamlined the research process

We consistently train our employees

If your trademark filing is rejected, we’ll give you new research for free