We Care for Your Business, Perform a Rigorous Search and Help you Build your Brand.

We are a Woman Owned Business and care about our community, service it with loyalty and respect as if it is our own family. Our team is composed of Talented professionals, experts in their field, have years of experience in the research industry and most importantly up to date on the databases Domestically and Globally for our industry.

Trademark Prospector is a Trademark Research Company owned by UpSpiral LLC. Using state of the art databases and research techniques, Trademark Prospector provides comprehensive in-depth information on prospective trademarks.

We Care for Your Business, Perform a Rigorous Search and Help you Build your Brand.

We started this business with the understanding of the importance of investments made by companies, entrepreneurs, innovators, whose business become their Baby and Trademark Prospector core service is to protect the future of your business, your pride and joy.

“Someone Stole my name” once a client shouted, the problem was that it was not stolen, he simply never did a search before investing in the name of his new line of perfumes. He had to throw all the very expensive packaging and product and start over again. For his new line, we secured the Name by doing a search.

Trademark Prospector- That is what we do

We meet with our clients, communicate regularly, understand their requirements, clarify the expectations and then do our part of researching databases Domestically and/or Globally and make sure that Trademark is available to them.

We pride ourselves on our customer service that is primarily geared to dealing with our clientele on a one to one basis, provide the needed attention to their project and make sure their expectations are met. We Search, Safeguard and Protect your Brand.

At Trademark Prospector, All Are Welcome to Our Place of Business

We Respect and Care for our Clientele.