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We’re all about the trademarkverse

Trademark Prospector helps entrepreneurs, business owners, and influencers strategically choose their brand name by providing trademark research and insights. We help business owners avoid costly lawsuits by helping them steer clear of trademark infringement. Trademark Prospector guides business owners to discover whether a brand name is available for use as a federal trademark. Our clients love to hire us to investigate and review their brands. Trademark Research is so vital to the future of your business – It SHOULD NOT be bypassed.

We know the amount of money, time, and effort you put into your business. That’s why we pride ourselves in doing the most thorough, complete and expeditious Trademark Research possible. With Trademark Prospector, you can enjoy peace of mind, confidence and continued prosperity in your business, with less fear of a trademark infringement lawsuit destroying everything you’ve worked so hard to build.

We started this business because we love helping to protect business owners from themselves – so that they can succeed. We understand that a Brand starts with an available, protectable trademark. Think of any big business that you know and you immediately think of their trademark – It is what represents them. What most business owners fail to realize is that before they launch their brand, they can easily spend a ton of cash on researching possible trademarks if they don’t hire a fair company like Trademark Prospector to do it for them. Fortunately for you, with Trademark Prospector you won’t have to spend a fortune for your Trademark research.

Birth of Trademark Prospector

Trademark Prospector was born to service and educate business owners. Most business owners did not go to business school and were never taught the importance of avoiding trademark infringement. Although business owners generally know to check to see if their potential brand name is available as a website URL, most do not know the importance of researching the brand name to make sure that it is not already federally trademarked for the services or goods they are selling. Trademark Prospector was born to complete the mission of filling this void.

Our Story

A business owner received a Cease and Desist Letter. The letter said that the business owner’s business name, their “brand,” was federally trademarked by another Company and the business owner had to cease use of the business name. The business owner had to take down their website, re-name their business to something else, and change all of their social media handles. The business owner had to do this right away or face being sued in federal court for trademark infringement.

Trademark Prospector was started to help business owners avoid the nightmare scenario described above. It happens often, to business owners who were not educated on federal trademark law. Big businesses would never start a new brand or a new business without first fully vetting the availability of the trademark. But how can small business owners do this? With Trademark Prospector!

Trademark Prospector is a premiere trademark research company. We provide quality research results with fair pricing. We are wholly dedicated to the success of these important research results – no matter your size, business, or industry. We have passionately made quality trademark research accessible to all.

Our staff are highly trained and experienced researchers. We have experience performing research across a wide range of business types and industries, both in the United States and abroad. We are committed to providing quality, reliability, and accuracy in our results.

With Trademark Prospector your research results are private and confidential.


Protecting the privacy and integrity of your personal information and intellectual property is our top priority. Our business protocols ensure that your information remains safe and secure.


Trademark Prospector works diligently with the priority of getting you thorough results quickly. Turn around time is generally within 48 hours from the moment you order to the time you receive your trademark research.


Warning: The reality or truth of the search results Is Not Always Good News For You. There are many companies who have registered their trademarks, and it is getting harder and harder to find an available trademark. But, whether you like your results or not, we give you a thorough evaluation of your trademark. We do not sugarcoat our results, and we will not just tell you what you want to hear; What you get is a thorough evaluation of current use of your desired trademark.

Passionate about our trademark research

Trademark Prospector is passionate about our trademark research because the last thing we want is for someone to come up with an awesome idea, an awesome venture, having spent time, money, and resources on it, only to have to restart the business from scratch after it was already in full gear, simply because the person did not perform the necessary trademark research on their brand. Research is where it all starts – Never Skip This Step!
Trademark Prospector has the tools and the trained personnel to perform thorough research for you. Trademark Prospector wants to help you preserve your Company’s value and keep your Company’s future revenues safe by helping your Company prevent the nightmare of a trademark infringement lawsuit or forced rebranding. Failure to perform detailed, in depth research before using a new brand name, or attempting to file your Company’s trademark, leaves your Company vulnerable to having your trademark rejected or being sued by a trademark owner for infringement of their registered trademark.

Trademark Prospector is the most important FIRST step you must take before registering your trademark because the research will let you know whether you should pursue the potential trademark. There are millions of brands in business today. It often feels like any new business or product name you can think of is already registered.

At a fraction of the cost of other research services, research from Trademark Prospector helps you avoid wasting money on expensive Trademark Registration & Legal Fees for a trademark that may get flat out rejected because – Oops – the trademark is already taken.
The USPTO does NOT issue refunds.

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