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Birth of Trademark Prospector

Trademark Prospector was born to service and educate business owners. Most business owners did not go to business school and were never taught the importance of avoiding trademark infringement. 

Although business owners generally know to check to see if their potential brand name is available as a website URL, most do not know the importance of researching the brand name to make sure that it is not already federally trademarked for the services or goods they are selling.

Trademark Prospector was born to complete the mission of filling this void.

With Trademark Prospector your research results are private and confidential.


Protecting the privacy and integrity of your personal information and intellectual property is our top priority. Our business protocols ensure that your information remains safe and secure.


Trademark Prospector works diligently with the priority of getting you thorough results quickly. Turn around time is generally within 48 hours from the moment you order to the time you receive your trademark research.


Our results are thorough. We do not sugarcoat our results. You may not like what we tell you, but what you get from us is a thorough evaluation of current use of your desired trademark.

Passionate about our trademark research

At Trademark Prospector, we are passionate about our trademark research.
The last thing we want is for you to put a lot of time and money into a business, and then have to re-do your website, logo, and product labels because you failed to perform basic trademark availability research.

Research is where it all starts! Never Skip This Step!

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