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According to AMA.ORG…

“More than 3,000 trademark infringement lawsuits are filed each year in the U.S., with litigation that advances to trial costing between $375K to $2M per case.”

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  • Search Mark in all major Trademark databases
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It All Begins with Trademark Research

Starting a business starts with thinking about your trademark so that’s where we began. We started our journey by researching trademarks for friends and family members to save them the headache and humiliation of having to start over because of failing to research their trademark. So we decided we should offer our trademark service to the public. Our Mission is to provide you high quality research that gives you confidence and momentum in your name and logo to preserve all the hard work and investment you put into your brand and your inventions, and maintain the continuity and prosperity of your business through our thoroughly complete Trademark Verification Search services.

According to the SBA estimates, 627,000 new businesses are opened each year. When 627,000 new businesses are opened each year, it’s more important than ever to know your trademark is truly yours.

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What is Trademark research?

At its core, trademark research is a verification service that thoroughly researched whether you will keep the right to use your business name and logo in the industry in which you operate your business. The purpose of the research is to make sure your brand’s legacy and your undisputed right to ownership of your business name and logo with the associated products and services are protected with the filing of the trademark with the USPTO.

Trademark research must:

  • Include a search of your name in the USPTO and major world databases
  • Include a search of your name and mark in social media channels
  • Know how to search the internet
Ideally, however, your Trademark Prospector should do much more…

Trademark Prospector’s unique value proposition is why clients love us

At Trademark Prospector we value the investment you put into your business. From the development of your website, registering a domain, to printing your business cards, everything costs money.
  • Protect your website
  • Avoid a trademark cease and desist letter
  • Keep your website domain
  • Register your business name on social media with confidence
  • Sign up for services with Google and forget about it
  • Do not lose your content
  • Avoid businesses losses and attorney fees
When we say, if you love your business, then hire us, we mean it. It all starts with trademark research.

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